1. Requirements

  • Java SDK 1.4.1 or higher
  • Adobe SVG Viewer 3.x Plugin (only necessary in order to use the map viewer).

2. Download

You can download the latest distribution from download section at sourceforge site.

3. How to install

It's not necessary to compile the whole project because precompiled jar files are included in the distribution. Just download and unzip the last distribution file: and call run script (.bat or .sh depending on the platform).

The sample queries are in the directory: ./resources/mdxmenu. For make modifications in the connection string edit .xml files (with the exception of the Alias.xml files).

In order to run the query examples, maps, etc. predefined we need to have installed the Foodmart data included in the Mondrian distribution. See Download/Install (3.Setup test data) in the Mondrian web page.

The directory ./resources and his subdirectories had to have write permissions.

4. How to compile

The project is prepared to compile using Ant 1.5.x or higher and with the Eclipse 3.x IDE. For Ant compilation just change to the project root directory and run "ant" in the command line. See the build.xml and files for personalize the compilation values. For the Eclipse project installation simply make the project root directory the project folder in the Eclipse new project definition. The files .project and .classpath are included in this directory.

5. Configuration files

There are two configuration files: and The file configures the application log properties, that use log4j package. One peculiarity is that the main application uses log4j for message visualization in some components (status bar, ...). For make this JRubik establish one log4j category "org.aeat.etss" with information log level (LEVEL=INFO). If you want to change the log level to a less detailed one you have to specifically change it in the appender.Threshold defined in this file.

The file defines Mondrian Olap engine properties. See Download/Install (4. Configure the execution environment for testing) in the Mondrian web page.