Introduction to JRubik


JRubik is an Olap client developed in Java/Swing and based on JPivot project components.

The client connects to Mondrian Olap datasources (in the near future the application could access to MS Analysis Server, SAS Olap Server using XMLA soap protocol. The Olap queries could be issued using MDX language (pretty soon we suppose the application will be JOLAP compatible).

JRubik logo

The main components are: olap navigator, MDX query editor, table viewer, chart viewer, map viewer, menus and bookmarks, statistical data ... This components are based in JPivot ones. The web interface and controller (developed in JPivot using JSP, TLD and WCF) has been changed to Swing.

There have been added new components. The menus and bookmarks store the component state for the current olap query. This state could be visible to a particular user or all the users. The map viewer is based on the GIS render open project called Geoclient. This client allows us to generate SVG maps that include the Olap query results as graphical metadata.